Importance of Permissions

  • Obtaining permission to send emails enhances overall engagement and deliverability.
  • Commonly known as "opting-in," it involves implicit or express consent from individual prospects, such as existing customers or those signing up for webinars.

Opt-ins and Engagement

  • Opting-in leads to stronger engagement metrics like opens, clicks, and replies.
  • Strong engagement positively influences sender reputation, a critical factor in email providers' inbox placement decisions.

Cold Emails and Best Practices

  • Cold emails require extra care and attention.
  • Researching, personalizing mail campaigns, and sharing relevant content with prospects who haven't opted in can prevent them from marking your emails as spam.

Impact of Cold Emails on Sender Reputation

  • ISPs closely monitor customer interactions with emails.
  • If recipients consistently mark your emails as spam, ISPs may divert your emails to the junk folder.

What You Can Do:

  1. Avoid Purchasing Prospect Lists

    1. Lists may contain spam traps, bad data, and contacts without explicit or implicit permission.

    2. Engagement is less likely if prospects haven't expressed interest in your content.

  2. Use LinkedIn for Initial Contact

    1. When prospecting unengaged users, consider using LinkedIn for the first point of contact.
    2. Build trust before transitioning to email campaigns.

  3. Target Specific Personas

    1. When adding prospects to email campaigns, target specific personas for personalized communication.
    2. Conduct research and personalize emails to enhance engagement.

  4. Include an Unsubscribe Link

    1. If sending emails in bulk, always include an unsubscribe link.

    2. Respecting recipients' preferences contributes to a positive sender reputation.

In summary, obtaining permission through opt-ins is crucial for successful email engagement. Avoid purchasing lists, utilize LinkedIn for initial contact, and personalize emails to enhance the overall impact of your campaigns while maintaining a positive sender reputation.

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