Review Bounces

Bounced Email Notifications

When you send an email and it is rejected by your prospect's email server, you receive a bounced email notification. There are two primary types of bounces: hard bounces and soft bounces.

Identifying Bounce Types:

  • Hard Bounces (5.x.x errors): Indicate that the email address no longer exists or never existed.
  • Soft Bounces (4.x.x errors): Occur for reasons like the prospect's email server being down or their mailbox being full.

Bounce Rate Considerations

A clean email list typically maintains a bounce rate of about or under 1%. It's crucial to differentiate between hard and soft bounces, as a high bounce rate can impact your email deliverability. If the bounce rate exceeds 5%, it becomes more noticeable to email filters that you're sending to stale addresses. A hard bounce rate of more than 10% may lead to ISPs blocking your emails.

What You Can Do:

  • Review bounce messages to determine if they are hard or soft bounces.
  • Remove hard bounces from your email campaign immediately.
  • Aim to keep soft bounces under 5% and hard bounces under 1% for every email campaign.

Using Postmaster Tools for Analysis

For those sending a large volume of emails, tools like Postmaster Tools can provide insights into email performance. These tools allow you to assess if customers mark your emails as spam, identify delivery issues, ensure secure email transmission, and verify adherence to your email provider's best practices.

What You Can Do:

  • Utilize Postmaster Tools to analyze email performance and identify potential issues.
  • Understand customer feedback and adapt email strategies accordingly.

In conclusion, understanding and managing bounce rates is essential for maintaining a healthy email delivery system. By actively monitoring and addressing bounce issues, you can enhance your email deliverability and ensure that your messages reach your intended audience.

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