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CRM integrations

  • Steps to connect a Salesforce instance to Sellular

    To connect a Salesforce instance navigate to the admin settings --> Salesforce and add an instance. Select the type of instance(Production/Sandbox) you would like to connect and click on Continue.


    After clicking on Continue, you would be redirected to Salesforce where you'll need to login with the appropriate Salesforce account.

    Once connected, please log in using Salesforce SSO with your account and your Sellular Salesforce sync should be set up.
    Please note that for Salesforce<->Sellular sync to work following conditions must be met:

    1. A Salesforce account must be connected with Sellular using the Salesforce Admin user.
    2. For a Sellular user, a Sellular account must be created using the same email ID that is used for his/her SF account.
    3. The Sellular user must log in to Sellular using SF  SSO because we need the SF tokens to ensure Sellular can update SF when the user makes any changes in Sellular.
    4. SF Account must be Enterprise/Professional Edition with Rest API access enabled for the org account and all users.
  • Steps to Connect/Disconnect HubSpot to Sellular

    Here are the step-by-step instructions to connect HubSpot to Sellular.


    1. Login to Sellular using an Admin Account
    2. Under Admin Settings -> Integrations, you will find HubSpot present.



    1. Click on Connect to open the Dialog box to provide HubSpot login credentials.
      1. Remember to use a HubSpot admin account, as it will be used to sync call logs and recording URLs to HubSpot.



    1. Choose the appropriate HubSpot account you want to connect to Sellular.


    1. Click on the Connect App button


    1. Once HubSpot is connected to Sellular, you’ll be redirected back to Sellular.


    1. Now you can go to HubSpot, install Sellular’s Chrome extension, and start calling Contacts and Companies directly from HubSpot.

    To disconnect HubSpot from Sellular:

    1. Login to Sellular using an Admin Account
    2. Under Admin Settings -> Integrations, you will see that HubSpot is shown as connected.


    1. Click on the 3-dot menu on the right and then click on Disable Integration


    1. HubSpot will be disconnected from Sellular