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  • Unsubscribe Links

    Understanding Email Types: Transactional/Operational vs. Promotional

    • Transactional/Operational Email: Facilitating Transactions and Providing Updates
      • Transactional/operational emails support agreed-upon transactions or update prospects on ongoing transactions.
      • Examples include password reset emails, contract redline updates, purchase receipts, and notifications.
      • Typically sent individually rather than as part of an email campaign.
      • Contains information specifically requested by the prospect.
    • Promotional Email: Advertising Products or Services
      • Promotional emails have the primary purpose of advertising or promoting a commercial product or service.
      • Includes sales emails, product announcements, newsletters, and re-engagement emails.
      • Aims to encourage prospects to take a favorable action, such as making a purchase or downloading content.
      • Subject to legal requirements like the CAN-SPAM Act, CASL, and GDPR.

    Legal Considerations for Promotional Emails: Unsubscribe Links

    1. Unsubscribe Mechanism: Unsubscribe links serve as a means for prospects to indicate their preference not to receive further emails.
    2. Compliance and Best Practice: In line with legal requirements and as a best practice to maintain the sender's reputation, include an unsubscribe or opt-out link.
    3. Prospect Communication: Providing an unsubscribe link ensures that you respect the wishes of prospects who no longer wish to receive emails.
    4. Reducing Complaints:Clear and user-friendly unsubscribe links help limit prospects' complaints to your ISP and mitigate the risk of being marked as spam.